“Siyakatala” started in August 1994 when Melanie Adler took over the business from Operation Hunger with whom she had been working for 3 years.

Operation Hunger created the concept of utilising local craft made by destitute people around the country. These people relied on Operation Hungers’ input and purchasing of their goods to help them support themselves and their families.

Melanie met the local crafters when they brought their products to Operation Hunger for purchasing and this was the starting point for taking over the business. When Operation Hunger decided to give up the Arts and Crafts section of their business to concentrate on feeding in the country, Melanie took over the business and has continued at the craft market since. She makes regular visits to Kwa-Zulu Natal to purchase Zulu bead work and Zulu crafted items directly from Zulu women.

The products can be purchased at the shop in V & A Waterfront Craft Market in Cape Town or by placing an order.

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