We Do care

"Siyakatala" is the Xhosa way of saying "We do Care".

Siyakatala operates as a co-op and all items are products of self-help groups. Siyakatala works directly with people in the townships and rural areas of South Africa where all the crafters work from home. The finished products are then purchased directly from the crafter and paid for up front.

All the products are hand-made and the product variety includes African bead work, Traditional musical instruments, African home decor and furnishings, Tribal accessories and Carved wooden items.


About Siyakatala

Siyakatala started in August 1994 by Melanie Adler who took over the business from Operation Hunger who created the concept of utilising local craft made by destitute people around the country.


Siyakatala supports many different people around South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Kenya and a few other people from other countries in Africa.